November 17, 2012

Pumpkin Cheesecake Layered Pizzelle Cookie Recipe

I have a love affair for trying out new concoctions to see what new flavor combinations or textures I can come up with.  And I have a major love affair with sweets!  Anytime I can, I try to lighten up my recipes to make them somewhat healthier.  OK, I know it would be healthier for me to just avoid the sweets altogether, but I figure the lightened version is better than the full fat and full calorie version, right?

Here is my take on a pumpkin cheesecake layered Pizzelle cookie.  Not only does it taste good, but its very pretty too.  I make these up individually, but if you are considering making these for the holiday, you might just layer this in a large baking dish or triffle bowl and scoop directly from there when serving.  Just keep in mind the cookies will soften if you make this up too far in advance. 


1 - 15 oz can of 100% pure pumpkin (do not use can pumpkin pie filling)
1 - 8 oz block of cream cheese, softened (I use the 1/3 less fat version)
3/4 cup powdered sugar
3/4 tsp pumpkin pie spice
1 Tbsp heavy whipping cream (I use Fat-Free Half and Half)
1 pkg Pizzelle Italian Waffle Cookies
1 can whipped cream (or whip your own if preferred)
cinnamon for garnish


1.  In the bowl of a stand mixer or large mixing bowl, add the softened
cream cheese and the pumpkin puree.  Mix on medium speed
until blended with no lumps. 
2.  Add the powdered sugar and continue to mix until well blended.
3.  Add the pumpkin pie spice and whipping cream (or half and half). 
Turn mixer up to high and a mix for approximately
1 minute to give it a lighter texture.

4.  Place in refrigerator for approximately 1 hour so that the
pumpkin mixture can thicken up slightly.
5.  Place a Pizzelle cookie on a plate, add approximately 2 Tbsp
of the pumpkin mixture and spread until cookie is
covered.  Repeat layering 3 more times and end with a
cookie on top. 
6.  Garnish with whipped cream and a dash of cinnamon.

Note:  I accidentally picked up the Anise flavored Pizzelle cookies instead of the plain. . .I was worried when making this since I usually use the plain version. . .but it was delicious! Use whichever you prefer and whichever you can find at your local market.


This recipe is featured on Foodie Friends Friday Linky Party.

Foodie Friends Friday


  1. This looks amazing! We make pizzelles every year and always flavor them with anise! They're one of my favorite cookies and I'm hoping and waiting for my mom to give me her pizzelle iron! Lovely dessert! Thanks for sharing on Foodie Friends Friday! :)

  2. I love anise and use it a lot in my baking and cooking.. I get fresh anise from my in laws in Africa. These look wonderful. Thanks for sharing on Foodie Friends Friday.

  3. Thanks for sharing these. I picked up some fresh anise the other day. I may have to give these a try. I am hosting a great giveaway on Dining With Debbie. (1) $50 gift certificate to my favorite jeweler and (2) a signed copy of Arkansas Pie: A Slice of the Natural State written by fellow blogger, Kat Robinson. I would love for you to come enter Merry Merry Munchies and the rafflecopter entry. I think you would enjoy either one of these prizes.


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