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Kelly Wells {Adorned Well}
Saint Louis, MO, United States
Mother of a self proclaimed momma's boy. . .I love to create whether that be a meal, a baked good, or a craft item. My home is frequently filled with friends and loved ones along with aromas of something tasty in the works in the kitchen and a craft or two laying around waiting to be completed.

Adorned Well was launched mid October 2012 with the goal of sharing my love of cooking, crafting and my take on everyday life's joys and struggles.   I have posted original recipes, recipe remakes, handmade crafts, and information on personal life events.  My tagline is "A Hand Crafted Life" which I feel describes exactly what I write about. 

Adorned Well has grown quickly in the four months since its inception!  My current stats are:

296 Pinterest Followers
361 Facebook Fans
34 GFC Followers
78 Twitter Fans
3000 page views per month

Media opportunities available:

Sponsored Posts
Product Reviews and giveaways
Ad Placement
Event Promotion
Co-host and promoter for Linky or Twitter parties

To purchase ad space:

For other prices and inquiries contact me at


  1. Xoxo! I am a total foodie! So glad yo have found your blog:)

    1. Thanks for the ad and the follow, Heather! You should see your ad in the sidebar now!

  2. A Media kits, sometimes called a press kit, is simply an information packet about a business or product. It is called a Media kits or a press kit because many times potential advertising mediums will ask for more information on the potential advertiser. Since most of this advertising is press- and media-related, the term Media kits was adopted.


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