December 26, 2012

Blackberry Serrano Blue Cheese Pinwheels Recipe

Not long ago I won a giveaway on Hungry Little Girl's blog for a jar of  Blackberry Serrano Preserves from Primo Specialty Foods.  They have some great flavor combinations and I was super excited to receive this in the mail earlier this past week.  I am a big fan of the unusual flavor combinations.  

I like sweet and savory or a sweet and spicy combinations.  I started thinking about what I could make with this jar of preserves besides just using it as a marinade for pork or chicken (which I think would be super delicious, by the way!).  With Christmas this week, I decided to make an appetizer for Christmas Eve celebration with my family.

This recipe is so easy I'm almost embarrassed to call it a recipe.  But here it is none the less. . .


5 1/2 oz. (1/2 a jar) of Primo Blackberry Serrano Preserves (or any other brand or flavor of your choice)
1 - 4 oz. container of blue cheese crumbles
1 tube of crescent rolls (I found the seamless dough sheets but I think they are harder to find at other times of the year).


1.  Unroll the dough from one tube of crescent rolls - if they are not 
seamless dough sheets do not tear them apart but press 
the dough together along the perforations. 

2. Since I wanted small, appetizer size pieces, I cut the dough in half lengthwise.

3.  Spread approximately 5 1/2 oz. of the preserves across both halves of the dough staying approximately 1/4 inch from one long edge.

4.  Sprinkle the blue cheese crumbles on top of the preserves.

5.  Roll each half up along the long side, ending at the edge that has the 1/4 inch border.

6.  Press gently along the seam to seal the edge.

7.  Slice each roll into 1 inch pieces.  I got 28 slices from mine since I had cut
the dough in half lengthwise.  *(see slicing tip at bottom of post)

8.  Place slices into a baking dish cut side down.

9.  Bake at 350 degrees for 10 - 12 minutes or until lightly browned.

 *Tip:  When slicing the dough, you might want to use unwaxed dental floss to prevent flattening the dough.  Just slide it under the bottom, cross the ends over the top and then pull tight and it easily slices through the dough.

Note:  These were pretty good. . .Not necessarily my favorite, but I think they needed a little something more to them.  I think if I make these again I might add some chopped pecans as well.  They also didn't stay "formed" well, so maybe press the seam a little bit more to seal them better.  Overall, I liked them, but not everyone in my family is a big blue cheese lover (mom!) so she wasn't thrilled about that taste.  I did really like the preserves and have half a jar left.  I'm thinking as a glaze on some pork or chicken would be great!

While I received a free jar of these preserves for winning a giveaway on another blog, I received no compensation nor was I asked to provide a review of the product at all.  I did so on my own.

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  1. This does sound easy! It also sounds delicious! I will have to remember this. I, too, love the combination of sweet and spicy!
    Thanks for sharing.


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