October 17, 2012

From Granny Squares to Loving Granny

Whenever I am sitting around watching a show on TV, a movie or in a waiting room, I get antsy very quickly.  I am so used to multi-tasking through out the day that I find it hard to just sit and do nothing. I make a lot of scarves and jewelry, but from time to time I also make these really cute and functional dish cloths.  They are crocheted out of 100% cotton yarn and are extremely durable.  Last year I made dozens of them.  I kept a few and gave some away as gifts. 

This past week mom and I had a garage sale and just sitting there between customers was driving me crazy. So I pulled out mom's book, some yarn and an old crochet needle that use to belong to my Granny and I made up a few new ones from mom's new pattern book. I think they turned out pretty nice. 

I can't post the actual pattern directions due to copyrights, but here is a copy of the cover of the book, 2-Hour Dishcloths by Darla Sims.

I have been crocheting since I was a girl.  I grew up in a family of women who all crocheted, knitted, quilted and just basically did everything crafty and for the home!  My mom tried to teach me when I was very young, but I was a pretty stubborn, easily frustrated child.  At some point she just gave up.  :)

My Granny was the most patient teacher.  I told her I wanted to learn how to crochet.  She would sit with me for hours (and through a few tantrums!) until I understood the basics.  I couldn't tell you how many crocheted granny squares I made when I was young. 
My Granny passed away almost 2 years ago and almost every day something reminds me of her.  This picture of the two of us is the last Christmas that we got to spend together. I was in the process of crocheting a lap afghan for her at the time since she was always cold and a regular sized quilt or afghan would get caught up in the wheels of her wheelchair.  I will admit. . .I never did finish that project.  I just couldn't bring myself to work on it once she was gone.
I am so thankful that I had a loving, close relationship with my grandparents.  I treasure all the special moments that we shared over the years!

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